Investors are urged to seek independent professional advice when considering an investment. The investment is high risk and you could lose all of your money. Refer to our Risk Warning [link to InDome Risk warning] for more information. You cannot claim Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) compensation if your original investment or returns are lost.
Co-Invest with InDome
– Smart Equity™ model
By joining our exclusive private investor community, you can access UK property development co-investment opportunities with strong underlying asset backing.
InDome enables high net-worth individuals, sophisticated and professional investors to access professionally managed property development investment opportunities based on our bespoke Smart Equity™ model.
Our Smart Equity™ model is unique on the market and provides a hassle-free fully digital and secured investment experience.
It offers a combination of our Expertise in property development, proactive investment management approach, property-backed capital security and fully digitalised user-friendly investment experience.
Private Equity Investments are usually reserved only for institutional investors with long-term commitments. Due to the nature of each investment, our investments are still available to certain types of self-certified investors.
Investors are urged to seek independent professional advice when considering an investment. The investment is high risk and you could lose all of your money. Refer to our Risk Warning [link to InDome Risk warning] for more information. You cannot claim Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) compensation if your original investment or returns are lost.
InDome Capital
Smart Investment
High-growth Property Development
Real Estate projects across the UK
Alternative Investments
InDome is a partner of choice for investors and property developers
We create mutually beneficial win-win structures helping our investors to build their wealth by providing access to diverse and carefully selected alternative investment opportunities and proactively enabling our developers to successfully complete development and construction of profitable projects.
Up to 11%
p.a above average Investment returns
We are and remain fully involved throughout the project lifecycle. Providing access to compelling tax efficient investment opportunities and high quality property development projects, our community of experienced investors have the ability to build a diversified investment portfolio of top tier opportunities with low entry required.
From £25,000
Low investment threshold per investment project
12 to 24 months
Short Investment period
Recent Investments
Switch between projects
01. Abbeygate
Awaiting Completion
Project Information:
Fully Funded
July 2022
10 months
5 executive houses
Expected Completion
Construction time:
Project Information:
02. Easbourne
Fully Funded
June 2021
12 months
6 flats and 3 houses
Construction time:
All of the projects on our platform have been vetted through a rigorous due-diligence process that ensures adherence to our strict investment criteria and quality standards. We apply full transparency and execution efficiency criteria across our projects.
InDome offers exclusive access to high-quality real estate
And property investment opportunities across the UK, which are Expertly Structured and Professionally Managed to deliver superior returns for our investor members.
Our goal is to make investing into professionally managed property development investments approachable and seamless.

Working closely with our strategic development partners, we specialise not only in originating and structuring, but also in delivering joint-venture property investment projects, which exceed market-average returns in our asset class.

Your investments are ring-fenced via a separate UK limited company and fully segregated from the assets and liabilities of InDome.
5 easy steps to invest
5 easy steps to invest
01. Register
Self-certify to get access to our current exclusive investment opportunities.
03. Select Investment
Choose your investment opportunity and all relevant documentation and information.
02. Access Activation
After successful identification and activation, you will access our SmartEquity platform.
04. Invest
Easy invest in your chose opportunity – the entire process is fully digital and securely encrypted.
05. Get Paid
Receive your investment and applicable interest at the completion of development project
What does registration allow?
Once registered, you can view our investment opportunities, sign relevant legal investment documentation, invest in and track your InDome portfolio. We keep investors informed through regular updates and milestones on the dashboard of your personal user account.

InDome is technology-led and customer-focused. Apart from accessing investment opportunities through a user-friendly online portal, every investor is assigned a dedicated account manager, who is on hand at every step of the process.
InDome Expertise
InDome Capital
Verified Realty
01. Source and choose investment opportunities
02. Raise funds from investors
03. Deal structuring and investments
04. Active and hands-on management of each investment
05. Excellent returns through active marketing and maximisation of exit values
01. Source and choose investment opportunities
A significant amount of effort and expert resources are invested in prospecting for transactions and relationship management with strategic partners.
02. Raise funds from investors
These funds are ring fenced in SPVs for the investments purposes only.
03. Deal structuring and investments
Financial engineering, transaction structuring, and land acquisition negotiations to achieve the multiple objectives of the various parties involved (investors, banks, developers, realtors) while minimizing risks.
04. Active and hands-on management of each investment
Helping our developers to succeed through coaching, support and proactive learning, we are hands-on experts with financial and operations management expertise. We are actively involved in budgeting, setting the implementation strategy and execution monitoring or changes if required.
05. Excellent returns through active marketing and maximisation of exit values
All our investments are within 12 to 24 months horizons, that includes the period for the sales of the property. We also strive to achieve 100% reinvestment rate by our investors and re-partner with 100% of well performed developers.
Project Risks Management Strategy
... to consistently achieve superior returns while reducing and actively managing the risk we focus on:
Strategic Risk management
Information and Anticipation
Assets liquidity
Short construction time
Attention to details
01. Strategic Risk management
We carefully select our strategic partners, developers and contractors. Proactive Governance, Control (including change and cost control), site Monitoring and regular investment Reporting.
02. Assets liquidity
We invest in real estate assets development that have more liquidity and are easier and faster to sell – residential housing in high-growth and strategic locations.
03. Information and Anticipation
Prior to a deal we maximize and structure the information and "weak signals", through careful due diligence of deals and stakeholders involved. During investment we are hands-on and proactively involved in operations and anticipation of bottlenecks – anticipating, preventing and eliminating potential causes of problems (design reviews, quality control and schedule control, strict safety policy, minimize environmental impact).
04. Short construction time
We choose projects with shorter timelines and predictable budgets and market growth. We also bring property under development to the real estate market from the beginning of the construction to assure early commitment.
05. Attention to details
Measuring and managing every relevant aspect of project performance, starting with realistic cost and budgeting, technology choice based on sustainability criteria, planning, forecasting, contingencies (time, money) and assets market valuation.
Investors Risk Management
We and our development partners are 100% results paid and only receive profit after the Investors are fully paid. We don't charge Investors any management or monitoring fees, operating costs, annual, or any other kind of fees.
Thus, we are rewarded and receive 100% of our profit on the equity growth or carried interest linked to increase in total investment value

We undertake substantial financial, commercial and legal due diligence prior to making any investment

We base our financial models, cost and schedule assumptions on rather pessimistic scenarios – to assure the upside and minimise the down side. Moreover, we budget sufficient contingency provisions on a project-by-project basis.
InDome Capital
Range of opportunities
InDome Operational Philosophy
Risk Understanding

Systematic risks: External, Regulatory, Ecnomy; Unsystematic risks: Competition, Business, Operational, Financial, legal.
Continuity plans

Supply Chain and Business Continuity plans, alternative suppliers and services providers, materials, resources.
Market monitoring

Paying close attention to key indicators and business trends, making financially wise decisions based on of available data, liquidity risk (location, infrastructure, demographics).
Project Management

Manage full investment project cycle from inception to completion, with strong value engineering expertise.
Lean approach

We focus on elimination of operational inefficiencies and waste (time, money, materials, processes, resources).
Financial control

Constant Cost Control, cash flow monitoring and optimization, internally set limits - without unnecessary bureaucracy burden. Value optimisation and revenue generation maximisation strategy.
Risk integration

Through interdependence among relationships, adding value, investment process, structuring of processes, transparency, reality facing.
05. Who are InDome?
01. Why co-invest with Indome?
02. Why does InDome invest in the UK Real Estate and Property development?
03. What are InDomes Investment Criteria?
04. Do InDome investments are classified as an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA)?
InDome Capital
Quality level
01. Why co-invest with Indome?
Institutional-grade real estate investments – Smart, Transparent and Digital. Lending and Real estate - the ingenious combination.

Fully aligned with investor’s interest – we receive our profit only after payment to investor

Diversification of portfolio – low entry threshold, focus on short delivery cycle and liquidity of property

Hands-on trust-but-verify – actively managed with clarity and anticipation, expertise and agility, collaboratively and tenaciously.
02. Why does InDome invest in the UK Real Estate and Property development?
03. What are InDomes Investment Criteria?
We focus on high-growth locations, with relatively liquid property type below 10m GDV and less than 1 m per unit. Please refer to our Investment Criteria section.
04. Do InDome investments are classified as an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA)?
An Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) contains peer-to-peer loans instead of cash in a "cash ISA" or stocks and shares as in an "investment ISA". Peer-to-peer lending matches up investors, who are willing to lend to businesses, or property developers. Investing your money through an online portal – known as peer-to-peer lenders – you tend to earn higher rates of interest than a traditional savings account. However, your money is at risk.
05. Who are InDome?
InDome does not act as a broker, advisors, intermediary, introducer, consultant, brocker, aggregator, agent or property manager. Unlike many companies on the market we are a true private equity provider, as a managing partners and co-investor. We stay invested in every project and we are paid only after the fund returns investors’ equity and associated interest – that means we are fully aligned with the interests of our co-investors. It makes InDome truly unique.
We invite you to join our exclusive community of investors. And if you have any questions, leave a request and we will contact you as soon as possible
Invest with InDome
Social media
Website development
Unit 4, Darin Court, Crownhill, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK8 0AD
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You could lose all of your money invested in this product. This is a high-risk investment and is much riskier than a savings account.

Loan Notes or Equity introduced by InDome Capital are classed as high risk speculative illiquid securities and they are unregulated, non-readily realisable and non-transferable securities. Investors should be aware that past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance or returns and you may not get back all your original investment. Prospective Investors are strongly advised to seek independent financial advice from an authorised person who specialises in advising on non-readily realisable securities.

Tax treatment is dependent on Investor circumstances and these are subject to change. Investors are advised to seek appropriate tax advice to clarify their position.

Commission & Chargers

Investor funds are not subject to fees or charges. Funds are fully invested, unless specified otherwise. InDome Capital are paid from the profits of the investment project.


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Risk Warning – Loss of capital

All kinds of investments referred to on this website carry out high risks of a loss of part or all the capital invested. The value of assets has the potential to decrease as well as increase and they can potentially be affected by a variety of variables, for example changes in interest rates. An investor might not get back the amount they originally invested. An investor might not receive any income distributions, an example being dividends. Illiquidity of these investments means that it might not be possible to sell the investments immediately or without significant loss in value, and longer term investment horizons are typically involved.

Future Performance

Past performance is not a guide or guarantee to future performance, and predictions are not a reliable indication of potential future performances. Any projections of future performance are based on all information known at the time.

Risks Relating to Mini Bonds

Mini bonds ( are unregulated and illiquid and therefore considered high risk. Interest rates on mini bonds are not comparable to those of bank savings accounts and bonds of this nature cannot be redeemed until reaching maturity. Mini bonds are referred to as non-readily realisable securities, this means you might have to hold them until maturity. Your capital might also be at risk and you may not get back everything you invested. If you do not understand the risks, we strongly recommend that you seek independent financial advice from an authorised person who specialises in advising on non-readily realisable securities. Tax treatment is dependent on Investor circumstances and these are subject to change. Investors are advised to seek appropriate tax advice to clarify their position.

Illiquidity, Diversification and Exit

All investments available via InDome, are unregulated and you will be exposed to a high risk of losing part, or all capital invested. This means that investors should only invest a small proportion of their available investment capital in multiple asset classes as opposed to a large amount in one or a few, and should balance this with investments into safer, more liquid investments. If the business fails, the company is unlikely to be able to pay you back your investment.

Investments in debt securities are also non-transferrable, which means that should your financial circumstances change, and you needed to sell the bonds or notes, you would be unable to do so. There is also no guarantee that you will receive your interest payments on time.

Each investment is a long-term commitment and you should only invest an amount that you are willing to lose.

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We do not provide tax advice and you should seek independent tax advice before deciding to invest.

These Key Risks are general and are not exhaustive. Each investment opportunity is subject to additional and specific risks described in its Investment Memorandum and should also be considered in light of those risks.

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